My Leather Factory

My Leather Factory is a start up and works with an stablished leather wholesaler .

This family business is already  in its third generation and sells high quality leather, which comes exclusively from European production and to which we apply the highest standards in production, preparation and dyeing of the material.


Sustainability and environmental protection are the key words here.

Our leathers, which we put on sale, are still sorted by hand and individually compiled for our customers.


Together with a leather manufacturer, we have now succeeded in developing a high-quality design product

- the taste4face face mask. Our goal during the development was to create a product

that is suitable for everyday use, but not commonplace and - despite all seriousness - is fun as a fashion accessory.


And because we had so much fun developing this mask, we continue developing. You can look forward to selected products in the near future, which you can otherwise only buy in small boutiques - distributed throughout Europe.

Stay curious!


Thank you for choosing our mask .

They support all efforts to contain the pandemic in Germany and Europe

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Ihre Vorteile

•  Eine hochwertige Gesichtsmaske ...

• ... in verschiedenen Farben ...

• ... als Modeaccessoire ...

• ... aus nachhaltigem Velourleder

• einfach zu säubern

• Hergestellt in Europa

• Schnelle Lieferung


We are here for you

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Your Advantages

• A high quality face mask ...

• ... in different colors ...

• ... as fashion accessory ...

• ... made of sustainable suede

• easy to clean

• Made in Europe

• Fast delivery 


Please note our exchange notice

For hygienic reasons, our masks can only be exchanged in the original sealed plastic bag with an undamaged seal within the statutory periods. Unfortunately we cannot accept the cost of a return shipment.

Bitte beachten Sie unseren Umtauschhinweis

Der Umtausch unserer Masken ist aus hygienischen Gründen nur in dem original versiegelten Kunststoffbeutel mit unbeschädigtem Siegel innerhalb der gesetzlichen Fristen möglich. Kosten für eine Rücksendung können wir leider nicht übernehmen.